Press release – Queen’s Award magazine

Noahs Ark Chemicals is proud to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2005 after only three years of operations, a notable feat in the 40 year experience of the Queen’s Awards. Dr Bharat Bhardwaj, the General Manager, capitalised on his experience as a trader and formed a Chemical Trading and Distribution operation, based in England and in Belgium, using seed capital raised from family. Now he and his international team trade in a number of commodity and speciality chemicals such as glycols and acrylates. These chemicals are the raw materials used in making many products including agricultural fertilisers, foams, paint coatings, antifreeze solvents, ceramics and cements.

Noahs Ark Chemicals deals in many countries, with companies ranging from large multinationals to smaller producers and suppliers. Over 96% of the turnover is done overseas and the company is established as one of the industry’s leading players. “What makes us unique as a trading operation” comments Dr Bhardwaj “is the flexibility with which we put deals together. Our partners know that our deals will be mutually beneficial and that we will pull all the stops out to deliver safely. That is important when you are under pressure to meet production schedules or maintain your own profitability targets. And the nice thing is by having great relationships with our partners we have a lot of fun whilst we get on with the hard work.”

Noahs Ark Chemicals is constantly looking for new product markets to enter and has recently formed an Additives Division, which supplies bespoke, blended additives for the oil and petrochemical industries. Dr Bhardwaj adds, “To sustain our exceptional growth we need more good people. We use our successful experience to assist would-be entrepreneurs in the chemicals field to get onto the commercial ladder by undertaking joint ventures: sharing resources and rewards. Being given the Queen’s Award is a great accolade to our winning formula for working.”